Customized solutions that save you money

ADI has decades of experience solving some of the most challenging project requirements in the electronics industry. ADI’s bonded warehouse can assist your material management requirements by:

  • Releasing access to materials only when you need them
  • Lowering inventory handling charges
  • Providing a secured area for your materials
ADI Services

Electronic & Electromechanical Components Distribution

ADI is an ISO 9001 certified single-source provider of AS9100 manufacturing services for the high-technology electronics industry, and An AS9120 certified distributor of electronic and electromechanical components and assemblies.

ADI Plasma coating services

Plasma Parylene System and Conformal Coating

ADI provides conformal coating for circuit boards and other components. This service maintains integrity by providing protection from moisture, salt, chemicals, and temperature changes.

ADI Air Worthy Services

Airworthy Product

We provide Electronic components, Circuit Card assemblies, Cable Harnesses and Box builds used in Aerospace Applications worldwide.

ADI Services


In partnership with Tidal Design, ADI builds award-winning environmental test chamber control and data acquisition hardware and software. We provide application support to OEMs and end users involved in environmental testing, lab management, and data acquisition.

ADI Services


ADI takes automated inventory a step further with surveillance. Since no automated system is infallible, it takes human intervention to ensure that a system is working as it should. Our customers know we can get the job done and our goal is to have 100% OTD with zero defects each and every time!

ADI Services


When time is money, speed and accuracy count. ADI’s inventory management service also features automated inventory replenishment capabilities including:

  • Refilling selected inventory
  • Minimized inventory carrying charges
  • Maximizing asset utilization
  • Reduced product development periods
  • Compressed time to market