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Electrical Engineering Products

Electronic components for energy and current solutions

Extensive product lines: precision and calibration capacitors, passive electrical components and more

Since 1961, Electrocube stands alone as the only company that custom designs and manufactures film capacitors, resistor capacitor (RC) Networks, EMI Filters and high frequency transformers. The company serves the meticulous needs of design engineers across the country and around the globe. Scope and specialization are further expanded with products from the other in-house brands, F-Dyne distributor (film capacitors), with Southern Electronics sales (film capacitors) and pfc Precision Film Capacitors and Standards.

Made in America: U.S. content ratios

Electrocube is a company committed to design manufacturing in America. U.S. content ratios are important. In fact, Electrocube designs and manufactures all high frequency transformers entirely in the U.S. Electrocube film capacitors and RC Networks are manufactured and assembled here in the U.S., along with 50% of their content.

While domestic content is important, quality is more than just where it’s made. Quality is also about reliability, capability and outstanding service. Our extensive line of  standard film capacitors as well as custom precision capacitors – in a diversity of capacitance dimensions and ranges – have proven consistently reliable to avoid capacitor failure for more than 50 years.

Electrocube’s industry-leading, precision resistor-capacitor (RC) circuits  – the core of our engineering and design expertise – feature an extensive selection of case configurations with a variety of leads, manufactured to specific customer requirements.

As always, we outsource no segment of our sales, service or support experience – an advantage we know our clients value. Electrocube products are available factory direct and through an international network of  sales representatives and stocking distributors.

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