We at ADI American Distributors LLC wish to express our sincere appreciation to our employees and partners for their loyal support as we celebrate our 40th year in business. When our company was founded in 1983 with just three employees, we could hardly foresee our growth to an international company with a staff of hundreds. We could not have come this far without the loyal support and hard work of each member of the ADI team and the trust of our customers & suppliers.

Exceptional companies in aerospace and other industry segments are increasingly seeking long-term commitments in exchange for providing business partners with improved safety, lower risk, and value-added services that enhance the end user experience. We recognized when we began our business that the highest level of quality products would improve ADI’s reputation, reduce production costs, and minimize logistics issues. That’s why we’ve invested in delivering high quality products and services and made a serious commitment to continual improvement in our operations. That process included better resource management, sustainable procurement, controlled monitoring, time saving, reduced operating costs, increased productivity, internal auditing and reviewing. This has reduced the occurrence of non-conforming products and services and has led to better overall performance.

Focusing on quality has improved ADI’s reputation and strengthened our relationships with customers. It also meant optimizing the potential and abilities of human resources by continuous training, while guaranteeing that we can ship the best products when and where our customers need them.

Founded by David Beck, ADI American Distributors has been providing electronic components and logistics solutions for the aerospace, medical, industrial, and marine industries for four decades. When David saw a need in the aerospace industry he was determined to fill it. With that, he founded the company on the following principles:

  1. Quality
  2. Exceptional customer service
  3. Innovative solutions
  4. Value to customers

We stock millions of electronic components for distribution to your integrated global supply chain. We also specialize in EMS services and can deliver high or low-volume, high-reliability, and high-mix orders of high-quality products on time, every time. Our ability to fulfill orders of any size and build state-of-the-art legacy and cutting edge newly designed products means our customers can maintain reliable systems and component inventories without seeking multiple vendors.

We are committed to rigorous compliance and maintain industry certifications and record-keeping requirements, safeguarding industry standards with absolute integrity. Our discriminating accuracy and attention to detail guarantee that we can readily respond to compliance issues. Complete satisfaction and accountability is always our top priority. Our dedication to an exceptional customer experience is reflected in the longstanding relationships we have developed with some of the world’s top corporations. We are proud of the decades of loyalty from our customers. It’s all about trust and we are honored to have earned it and proud to live by it every day.

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