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The Optimal Precision Resistors Needed For All Types Of Projects Including: High Voltage, High Pulse, High Power and Resistors Requiring Custom Precision Qualities.

Since 1960 Riedon has been providing custom resistive solutions for many industry specific needs. These business niche markets require the very best in top quality resistors offering cutting edge solutions. Combining excellent customer service with the best minds in resistive solutions Riedon has been exceeding customer expectations for decades. Riedon resistors are known for their stability over time even within extreme environments. Ingenious technologies often require premier wirewound and high precision resistor solutions for their manufacturing needs. Riedon is able to offer every required resistive solution, on time with the very best performance possible.

Consider how essential it is to protect expensive electrical components that are exposed to sudden, extreme voltage changes. The right resistive solutions prevent hazardous situations that can occur within specialized electronic technology when less reliable resistors are in use. Keep in mind that customized microprocessors are vulnerable to power surges which threaten to cause irreparable damage such including total data loss. Riedon specializes in the optimal manufacturing of surge protection circuits designed specifically to prevent such expensive losses. When customized protection circuits are in use sudden voltage or current changes will not damage the intricate components of specialized electronic equipment.

The best news is that Riedon and ADI American Distributors LLC can customize resistive solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of any cutting-edge manufacturer. Riedon offers these types of resistive solutions: precision wirewound, current sense, high surge, high pulse, surface mount and power resistors. Riedon is proven to be the best in the industry at providing premium, cutting edge resistors that exceed expectations for reliability and performance. Every resistor created at Riedon is carefully crafted with a standard of excellence rarely matched in the industry. Manufacturers trust Riedon as proven by years of incredible customer support alongside outstanding product performance.

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