A good partner can supply the components you need and assemble them according to your specifications. ADI can even get it there when you want it. There may be a better solution, however. What if a compliant solution takes less time and costs less than your original estimate? ADI has decades of experience in finding novel ways of doing things. ADI representatives have been there, done that. Their professionals have solved some of the most challenging project requirements in the industry.

ADI's bonded warehouse -- (cage code 0BR80) -- can assist your material management requirements by
• Releasing access to materials only when you need them 
• Lowering inventory handling charges 
• Providing a secured area for your materials

Conventional wisdom says that "when you can reduce the number of vendors in a supply chain, you can enhance overall productivity." When projects require multiple vendors, however, ADI can handle the critical coordination of dozens of suppliers. With EDI capability, you can stay focused on marketing and engineering while we manage your inventory.

ADI's commmitment is based upon decades of steadfast relationships with suppliers who share a sense of urgency. They also know the importance of service. This helps answer customers' initial questions about product specifications and delivery time.